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Artisan Bread Lines – CRUSTICA

Artisan Bread Lines – CRUSTICA

the production line for Mediterranean dough, wholemeal bread and traditional types of bread.

Professional skill within reach

Remember the old type of bread. Tasty with a soft crumb, a crispy, crunchy crust and a characteristic structure. Bread that reminds you of farmhouse baking, in terms of look, flavour and taste. Until recently this kind of bread could only be made by hand. It had to be left in the hands of the experts. But no longer, thanks to the CRUSTICA line. The system designed by Werner & Pfleiderer-Haton for anyone who is looking for the benefits of tradition combined with efficiency.


The CRUSTICA line is ideally suited for processing soft and very soft doughs with a water content of up to 80%. The ideal solution for Mediterranean breads such as Ciabatta and other artisan types of bread. But the CRUSTICA line can do much more. The system is also excellent suited for producing ‘Bake-off’ products and the so-called ‘twice baking’ products. In addition, the CRUSTICA line can easily be used for the regular range of breads, thereby increasing your productivity. Expand your range with ‘trendy’ products. The CRUSTICA line is there for you!

Efficiency and flexibility

The CRUSTICA line consists of modern, user-friendly equipment which requires minimum daily maintenance. Its versatile use means that you are investing in a line that is both efficient and flexible. In short, an investment that will pay off.

CRUSTICA - the efficient solution for Mediterranean types of bread.

CRUSTICA – the efficient solution for Mediterranean types of bread.

Features CRUSTICA: 

  • The line is dough piece controlled. No waste and cutting of dough
  • High weight accuracy
  • The CRUSTICA line can process doughs with high water contents (<80%)
  • Practically dust-free processing
  • All machine parts that come in contact with dough are easy to clean and are dough repellent
  • Can cope with practically every shape, i.e. round, long and oval
  • Suitable for crusty types of dough and Mediterranean doughs with an open and irregular structure
  • Ingredients such as cheese, tomatoes, onions and other ingredients such as nuts can easily be processed
  • Stress-free dividing with high weight accuracy
  • Ideal for use as 2nd line in large bakeries
  • Also suitable for standard products
  • Weight range of 50-2.000 gr.
  • Capacity for 500-3.200 units per hour
  • Modular installation and extension of equipment
  • Completely automatic control available with recipe control (optional)

Crustica PDF

Crustica PDF




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