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Retarder Proofers

What is a Bongard Retarder Proofer?
A Retarder proofer is a computer controlled freezer, fridge and proofer combined, that work together to ensure its contents are held and manipulated to give pre-desired results, depending on time, and day of the week. How does it work?
The retarder proofer cools (retards) and holds its contents in a controlled environment until a pre-programmed time where it switches over to ambient mode, to gently thaws out the contents, and very slowly starts to prove; so when the bakers arrive in the early hours of the morning, the contents are ready for baking.Basic operation

A. The yeast products are placed into the retarder proofer before the end of the days production.

B. The refrigeration unit on top chills the products and retards the yeast from activating. The unit then holds the product at approx 2-4 degrees.

C. The heating/humidifying unit inside the proofer will then start to bring up the temperature inside the cabinet and slowly start to prove.

All stages are controlled by the programmable computer on the front at the top. All the operator has to do is tell it what time you intend to start work the next day, and the computer does the rest!

Machine components and structure How can a Retarder Proofer benefit my business?Labour saving – staff work during the afternoon preparing the next days early production = Lower wage costs
Staff retention – staff start later, meaning better working hours and conditions. Meaning that good staff are easier to keep
Ease of operation – anyone can use it
Safe and reliable
Better product quality and taste. The controlled slow fermentation increases the flavour of the product
All croissants, Danish Pastries, snails, scrolls, rolls, loaves, baguettes etc… can be retarded, and given the differing proof times, the product flow through the oven is easy.How do I have different products ready at different times?

There are 2 ways:

Firstly, we all know that different products take different times to prove, so a baker knows that a white block loaf takes less time to prove than a cheesymite scroll, therefore if you tell the retarder proofer to be ready when you get to work, the scrolls can continue to prove while the blocks are baking!
Secondly, you can get a Retarder Proofer in almost any configuration; therefore you can have 2 or 3 separate retarding/proofing compartments in the 1 retarder proofer, allowing different cycle times as per your mornings production. (E.g. 1 compartment with the white blocks can be programmed to be ready at 4am, while the next compartment can be programmed to be ready at 4.40am or anytime that suits. Perhaps even an afternoon bake?)
If you have a multi compartment unit, you can even use 1 compartment as a fridge if needed

Where will I put it?

Retarder Proofers are available in many configurations, to fit almost any bakery, with any production requirement. Most clients replace their standard Proofer with a Retarder Proofer.

View possible configurations

View control panel info (PDF) 


Retarder proofer BFA

Cooling unit ready for use with refrigerating fluid R 404 A preserving the ozone layer. Cont rol panel with electronic controls (BFA and BFC alike) with reheating by levels and/or constant increase of the temperature (degree per degree) with stabilisation of the temperature in hot cycle, and possibility of “dormillon” (if after a period of 45 min following programmed fermentation cycle, nobody has withdrawn the product, the cabinet goes back to a temperature of 15° C: values are adjustable).
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Retarder proofer BFC

Fermentation chamber for racks 400/460 x 800 ,800 x 600, 700 x 900 , 750 x 900 depending on model, to 1215 x 800 mm.
3 heating cycles.
Retarding, slow frosting or traditional fermentation.
Use of compressor for a maximal room temperature of 30°C, for higher temperatures tropicalized compressor is required (up to 40°C).
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Retarder proofer BFE

Fermentation chamber for racks 400/460 x 800 ,600 x 800, 700 x 900 , 800 x 1000 mm. Electromechanical Regulation, Electromechanical hygrostat, Humidity setting from 30 to 99 %.
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